Friday, August 22, 2008 it is. My blog.

Alright, let's get started.

I have been living in my new apartment for about a month now. Decorations are currently limited, but hopefully as time progresses I will make it look something like this:
But with a brown love seat, mind you.

I like this idea of putting cool paper in the frames though I'd space it out between frames with actual pictures in them.

We have a fast food booth in our home that has blue benches and a pink table. Incredible. I know. I'll probably put up some frames like this...maybe. Right now we're having fun decking it out with condiments and a restaurant-style water pitcher.

I also have an old winged-back chair that I need to reupholster... If any one knows how please clue me in lol.

Our closet is getting closer and closer to organized everyday. Ryan's sister, Jen, is making cloth woven baskets for us as a wedding present! I'm very excited to put them to work!

I think we have just enough space to create a tiny entryway to unload. Need: coat rack & bench.

And to end this post: book decorating will have a special place in our home.

Thanks for stopping by!


Hilary and Morgan said...

I am the first to comment on your blog! Thank you for coming with me last Friday and updateing me in how you are doing. I am so excited to see what you do with your own apartment. Keep the blog going! PS add us to be your friends on the blog!


Matt said...

I'm excited that someone else in this family has a blog. I am excited to see pics of you and ryan. How is the married life?
Matt and I just started a blog as well. Check it out. It's kind of fun and addicting.

Bonnie said...

HI! Your new friend Bonnie, the girl with the wandering kid in RS, here. LOVE these looks. When you figure out how to make your place look like it came out of a magazine, come on over! I need help!