Monday, May 11, 2009

The Queen

A few days late but I LOVE my madre!! But honestly, who doesn't?
She's an entrepreneur, imagineer, and most importantly a nurturer. Not only to her children but also all those who are privlidged to meet her. She rocks. Hardcore. No Joke.
Love you, My Dear Mother!

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Stacy said...

K - so that's the cutest picture of Denise! Thanks for sharing!!

Malia said...

mandy, i'm glad you found me too!
your blog is magical, i don't mean that in a cheesy way, I love your taste in art, fashion, etc.

how are you woman?? said...

ah... so sweeeet!!

I love you, too!

um, you spelled privileged wrong.

and when I first read 'nurturer' I thought it said 'murderer'. funny, huh?

yes, and I thought, wow -- 2 comments, and it turns out Malia doesn't even care about the post at all! I am offended.