Thursday, August 13, 2009


My Grandmother was in a quartet in the 50's called The Mamselles.
{2nd from the left in the 1st pic}
They were vixens.
They auditioned for the Lawrence Welk Show but were told they were too "racy."
Awesome? Yes.

So my sister, cousins, and I decided to sing one of their songs on the 4th of July this year.
In tribute to our Grandmother's supreme Beauty!
The dress I'm wearing was one of their dresses they wore for interviews.
The blue dress my cousin, Janie, is wearing was one of their performance gowns.

So here's their debut internet premiere!

Track 04 - Mamselles
Oh and also!
In a scandelous game of Truth or Dare,
my Grandma dared me to table dance to another one of her songs.
Warning: This video does not contain awesome dancing skills. Do not prepare to be impressed.

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Christi said...

You always think of the cutest stuff to do, I swear. Oh I shouldn't swear, that's racy. How cool is that that your grandmother was in a musical group back in the day?! I'm jealous of your heritage :)
You're still just as cute as ever!