Saturday, October 3, 2009

hullo weekend

I made a skirt!
My Aunt is teaching me how to sew, and this is my 1st triumph!

I'm also sporting new hair
& my sis got her's done, too.

she is a cupcake.

We love to go to Adorn Style Lounge on Main Street in Mesa.
They also have way awesome and affordable jewelry and clothes.
We highly recommend it.

this weekend.
Ry & I had an AMAZING time getting our pictures taken
by the lovely Kate Lines.
We are so excited to see the rest!


Erica & Albert said...

Several things here. First, your outfit and skirt are adorable. Second, I love your hair. How short is it? Third, your kate lines picture she posted is phenomenal. Fourth, is that the inside of your apartment? Because it's awesome, and I need to come see it. And lastly, where have you been all my life? Last time I saw you I was in a hospital bed and I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as hanging out. Even though you did order me a turkey sandwich. But seriously, I wasn't even sportin' a baby bump then, and I am most definitely bumpalicious now. I guess what I'm tryin to say complete me. Kthanxbye!

Malia said...

what a great success!
especially with sewing, there is no small task- each is a monumental feat.

I keep toying around with mine, making bits of things here and there. I hope one day to confidently proclaim I know how to sew.

Carlita said...

super pretty photo from kate lines. totally needs to be hung in your house.

and huzzah for HP love :)