Thursday, December 10, 2009

A word about Insurance (cue phantom music)

I posted this on my facebook...
and would like to share it here,
because this is my blog
and I like to share things that are important to me,
and this is of the upmost importance these days.

I have been working as an insurance biller for a number of years now. An alaraming number of patients that I have worked with do not understand the basic structure of their insurance plan. This is frightening, considering the current, pending healthcare reforms. I created this diagram to help the patients I work with and would like to share it here. I will be posting more insurance related information in the future that will hopefully serve as a basic understanding of insurance and "the bigger picture" of its effects on our economy. This is not a debate on healthcare reform. If you have a solid understanding of insurance, which I appreciate, and find these posts unwanted, simply do not read them.

The figures for this diagram are hypothetical. Your plan may have a 70/30 or 90/10 coinsurance; or your deductible may be upwards to $10,000. Copays, of course, are ever varying.

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Kristal and Benjamin said...

Gosh Mandy. I do not understand ANYTHING about insurance. Will you teach a class sometime?!?! I promise I'll come!