Sunday, February 7, 2010


I always see cakes online.
Awesome cakes like this

and this

and pretty cakes like this

and this

and I think
"Oh how I wish I had an occasion to make a cake!
So that I might share it with others!
(aka not gourge on it myself, as would be inevitable)."

Then, Husband's bday comes up
and I rejoice that I have an opportunity to create a masterpiece
and present to my wonderful
ridiculously cool
for his birthday which marks a quarter century of life.
and then
I forget!

I forgot to get the ingredients Saturday.
Which truly is a special day.
Seriously?! Brain?!
I was soooo excited.
Dash. It. All.
Maybe for my birthday someone can by my brain some memory!

We did get to celebrate with friends on friday
at Joe's Farm Grill
(my first surprise party for Ry Guy)

I love this guy so much.
He is my best friend.
And the bomb diggity.

And we partied it up with Ry's fam tonight,
substituting cake for a pazookie.
So, its definitely been a successful weekend.

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earmark said...

I so love making cakes, they never seem to look quite like those, but still fun none the less! Sounds like a fun bday weekend! Great blog too!