Monday, March 15, 2010

always a bridesmaid, never a bride

oh, wait.
except for that one time.
when I got married.

I found the above
whilst hunting for
wedding inspiration
for this lil lady:

my bestest cousin Janie!
She got engaged this weekend
after her lover battled many ninjas for her hand!
Such an awesome engagement story!
I'm super freaking over the moon ecstatically excited for her!!
& I get to be a bridesmaid!
which I LOVE!
Congrats !


M.M.M. said...

Hey! Where do you get the slips? I need one. My skirts are always just a little too short.
Oh this is Melissa Mortensen from your ward-your blog is on my friend Donna's blog-
Please advise!

M.M.M. said...

Thanks for the info- Um that link had some ridiculously cute stuff on it. And also ridiculously expensive. I found this website with similar but not as cute stuff. And it sort of screams Utah, which I try to stay away from. I mean I like Utah and all, but sometimes Utah fashion trends can be a little over the top, if you know what I mean. Take for instance: layering tees. I liked them until EVERYONE wore them under everything, and some things they just look silly with. In my humble opinion.
Donna...I know her through our husbands. Her husband and mine are good friends going back to the single days.