Tuesday, March 9, 2010

things i like right this very second

whatever the heck this awesomeness is

this lil guy

& this type,
which I think parallels to
deleting a friend on facebook
who posts too much nonsense

oh yes,
& doughnut day

p.s.- I think these are close to my measurements?
Actually, I have no idea, but maybe.
Definitely not the bust size.


Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

i LOVE your header picture!

Mallory said...

i was wondering what the first picture was for awhile myself and i FINALLY decided that it's just-painted beads drying. the lady that took the picture makes necklaces... so i'm thinking she paints the beads herself. and that's how she dries them. whatever it is - it looks awesome, haha

mandyface said...

Mallory- that makes perfect sense! lol She called it a project so I kept thinking it was some sort of display, but yeah..good work!

Niki- Thanks!!

floreta said...

your bog is cute :)

The City Sage said...

oh my goodness. that little chipmunk is KILLING me! I want one for myself!!

i think the cats would also be VERY happy if i brought one home, though for different reasons...