Monday, August 16, 2010

like cinnamon, so sweet

I have embraced summer this year
more than ever before.
its usually my least favorite season,
(120F hello?!)
But this year I was excited for it
and I feel like I really savoured it.
I stayed up late with my siblings
(who were actually on summer break
and didn't have to get up early for work like I did)
and I swam and went on vaca
and just partied hardcore.
I feel pretty proud of myself.
I am excited to say, however,
that I am now craving fall.
Cooler nights (= more longboarding!)!
Leaves (at some point)!
So let's go!


Brynna said...

Those are great pictures!
And I totally agree with you, I can't wait for fall and it's wonderful cool weather!!


Mauri said...

fall and winter yes please!