Friday, December 10, 2010

i lufz teh hurreh pottahz

this post is for peoples
who are hp nerdz
love this kind of humor.
I am guilty of both.
(i know i know, why cats!? i don't even like them all that much in real life, but for some reason that crap makes me giggle)

so let me tell you about hplolz:
its awesome.

exhibit a:

exhibit b:

while i'm outing my nerd self
i found this on fb
and teehee'd real bad:

Well, OBVIOUSLY we have a basilisk in Hogwarts school. Hes climbin up yo staircase, snatchin yo Muggleborns up, tryin to petrify em, so yall need to hide yo Gryffindors, hide yo Hufflepuffs, and hide yo Ravenclaws cuz they petrifyin errybody out here.


{sry homegirl is so obsessed with her boobies}

1 comment:

The Burton Family said...

Made my day. Love it. Gotta feed my inner nerd.