Friday, December 31, 2010

the journey of a day

pms made my day start out like this


then i got excited to spend time with husband
and he had to leave on an emergency for his work
so i felt a bit like

so i did some of this

and read super girly tumblrs and blogs
where i stumbled upon this

and felt a bit better.
now husband will be back in a couple of minutes
and we will party like this

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

huzb got to me
and then was called on another emergency.
now for kinect.


Mars said...

sad but all that stuff is awesome! The internet is the best time waster/time passer :) What does he do that he keeps getting called on emergencies. Not cool. Enjoy the kinect!

mandyface said...

his family owns a fence company and every time there's a fire in the valley it has to be fenced off within a certain amount of time, so he runs out and does it. its not the greatest job ever but its just for while he's in school and we are grateful to have it!

ola appletea said...

:) lovely!!! your blog is really nice one!

mandyface said...

awww, thanks!!

Kelly said...

the kid dancing was cracking me up, but i only made it through 64...i must be experiencing some add.

geri e. said...

in love with those mustaches! so great.