Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i don't watch glee.
but i do love jayma mays.
even though i haven't always been impressed
with her choice of films.
{although i hear easy A is pretty good}
i think her voice is adorbs
and i fancy her style on and off of glee.
this video of her and her hubs isn't all that exciting
if you're not a gleek
but i like it for two reasons:
1. i like their discussion on making their relationship
more important than probs with their house.
i think people {including ME} get too frazzled over
unimportant things. love first!
2. you can tell that her husb's english accent affects the way she talks.

Jayma is NOT in Easy A...lol
my info source was faulty
{my info source might have been my brain
thinking the girl on the cover looked like Jayma with her hair dyed brown}.
....carry on!


American Honey said...

Your blog is so cute!

Mars said...

she's freaking adorb. I don't watch glee that much but I like the music. And I wonder what part she plays in Easy A because I LOVE that movie and watch a gazillion times but haven't paid enough attention to know who she is in it.