Thursday, January 13, 2011

for i will sweep sweep sweep

Not gonne lie,
its been a hard week.
Well..its been hard couple of weeks.
Life is....trying to get me down!
Yesterday I went to a bonfire
I organized for the girls in my church
out in the desert and it was all I could do
to make myself leave.
I wanted to stay out in nature
away from city lights
and problems that seem more difficult
and impossible to overcome than they actually are.
Do you ever feel that way?
You must.
But alas,
I know there are millions of people out there
that have it way harder than I do.
I cannot deny my inumerable blessings
all of which feel most undeserved.
I have a LOT to be grateful.
Firstly, I am grateful for my Savior
who is my rock
and I rely on him always
because he does not falter
like all of us inevitably do!
I have a car that works!
I have a cute, little apartment
with heat/ac and comfy blankets!
I'm grateful for my dear huzb
who is my favorite person in the world!
I'm grateful for tasty food
and parents who live close enough for me to mooch some off of!
I am grateful for a family that likes to play together!
And lastly, for today, I am grateful for music
which has helped wash away some of my anxiety!
ps- if you are feeling blue too, go here for some rad red!


ola appletea said...

Wish you all good moments (only almost to be grateful for them!) :)

Hang in there!

mindy said...

i hope things get better. and you can always say someone has it harder-- but i think we all have things that are hard for US! and what is hard for one person might be easy for another. so its ok to feel bad. did that make sense? lol

have you heard of Spilling Open? by sabrina ward harrison. i think you would like it :)

mandyface said...

thx ladies! mindy you make perfect sense :) I am def picking up that book.