Saturday, January 8, 2011

oh yeah!

I forgot to post a lot of shtuff
around Christmas time!
This is a local vintage/handmade sale
I went to a few weeks ago...

it was in an old bomb shelter!

yay for running into shmerica!

i went with ashley and for some reason
did not end up with a photo of both of us :(
but it was a rather successful trip!
we may or may not have both left with
vintage couches...



kate lines said...

heeeeeeey das me.

post a photo in the dress you got from me! i wanna see it on you!

Mars said...

jeal. i wanted to go to that.

Mars said...

ps i had to make my blog private for the time being due to stalkers I didnt want stalking. Facebook me your email and I'll add, uh if you want to read my blog haha! I don't want people feeling like I blocked them on purpose

angela hardison said...

bummer we didn't meet (or maybe we did - i was a little sick that day and don't remember much, ha). hooray for vintage basement sales - wasn't that bomb shelter amazing?

mandyface said...

Kate- I shall!
Mauri- Done and done!
Angela- That stinks you were sick!! It was really cool, we may have met...I might have bought something from Seesaw..actually that might have been at Crafteria!

{eleise} said...

wow...that looked like an amazing trip! looks like a great shopping stop!=)

ps. I LOVE your blog header! It super adorable!

cb said...

that looks like fun! i love going to handmade fairs and i love selling at them too!


mindy said...

awww i'm glad you took pics & i'm SO mad i didnt go! its great to see kate. do you think we can convince them to do another one? SOON?

mandyface said...

i hope so cuz it seriously rocked the casbah!

mandyface said...

ps- thx eleise!!! pic by kate lines!