Thursday, February 17, 2011

I could do that!

I've come across much awesomeness on this world wide web as of late
and I'm always happy when I find things that are genius and completely doable!
Such as:

Literary Nails:

fuh realz?? super awesome. i may need help with this though.
i am exceptionally terrible at painting my nails. and painting in general.

Charming rocks:
I have a church party I'm helping to throw
and we needed something to fill our centerpieces
which are balloons tied to baskets, so they won't fly away.
Sursly all we could come up with is rocks lol
but now doing this won't make it seem so lame.


I think this would be a superb gift for friends w/kiddos.
Just one hot glue away from nonstop dinner fun...perhaps too much fun.
ah well, they're not my kids!
And lastly,
Its no secret, I'm a pretty terrible cook.
I stick to pasta. Or cereal. Or salad.
But I'm hoping to earn my gold star in wifery one day
and this beautiful vid makes it seem so easy! Is it though? I hope so.
Alright Beverly!
(which is was me and my friends say when we want to leave somewhere)


Mars said...

your posts are always full of awesomeness! I'm totally trying that nail thing too!

TrophyBoutique said...

I want those nails! I would have the hardest time deciding what I would want them to say, though...

I have these really cute salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like Dachshunds, and the salt and pepper pours out their little butts...pretty fun.

laura said...

holy baloney! those nails are fabbbbbmazing! I wonder if the polish has the same abilities as silly putty.... and i (ahem) hate (ahem) rocks, but i didn't ever think that painting them would make them look adorable! i may just have a reason to fill my home with rocks now...

Jihee said...

ah wow, i love every single thing you have up here! those nails are amazzzzing! and those rocks are so adorable! oh and i must find some cute salt and sugar shakers! those are awesome!

ola appletea said...

so cool :) Love these things :)

Laura Darling said...

It always blows me away seeing how creative some people are. Especially because I'm not. At all. I can usually copy something okay, but I can never think of it on my own! Those nails are my favorite!