Wednesday, February 9, 2011

if i were a rich man..dy.

sometimes i can't remember
why i don't live here
or drive this car...
not that i'm not content with
my lovely lil apartment
and trucky mctruckerson!
bc believe me, i am.
fuh realz.
but still...once we move up from a one care family
this barbie mobile might just be..who am i kidding?! STILL a fantasy.


Mars said...

loooooooove that! Ahh pink barbie car! ONE day I hope you get one ;)

laura said...

so, im not a fan of american cars. too boxy for my taste, but when they're pink, i forgive them. :)they even become cute.

Katie said...

I live in the same city as that is, graceland, believe me you DO NOT want to live in that area.

Finding a good 50s chevy like that here is easy and getting the paint job would be easy to obtain.