Wednesday, February 2, 2011

no hablo madre

ok here's the dealio,
i'm not a mommy
and i can't give you great mommy advice
buuuuuuut i can hook you up
with some of this awesomeness:

new find today

in lalalalove??
me too!
you MUST check out THIS post
if you are in the new mommy crew
its something i believe in 100%!

next up is

coolest kids toys ever?! yes.
and i don't think they're too crazy expensive.
i mean, you can't spend this much on all your kids' toys
but for like a bday or christmas present
just get em one cool thing yo.
plus, they'll turn into the kind of vintage toys
that your kids will fight over when they're old.

and lastly,
i leave you with this

so adorbs i could die.

so i hope this helps you
like it helps me...
to not be terrified of children.


Amanda and AJ said...

Um, I totally love the plane toy. Way cooler than a trike. Hook me up!

laura said...

Oh wow, I love that book mobile! and that dresser. and the armchair. All for ME.

Mars said...

i'm in LOVE with alllllllllll of that!!! hmmm now I want a baby haha

Anonymous said...

cute post :)

Kristin said...

The book mobile...I die!

Kimia Kline said...

that baby is THE CUTEST!!!!