Monday, March 7, 2011

all aboard!

if you were wondering
if i'm still craving a vaca
more than ANYTHING
the answer is clearly yes.
dland....i want you i need you oh baby oh baby.

{fun fact: me gramps built the hippos for the jungle cruise,
as well as many other rides, including the matterhorn!}

in other news:
i had to fire my magic house cleaning fairies today
bc they haven't shown up for work in over a month.
so unprofessional.


laura said...

ooooh i love these! are they posters or book covers? or prints? it doesn't matter, since they are awesome either way! poot about unprofessionalness. I should fire myself for never showing up for cleaning time. 0_o

Brittney said...

i love all those images! how cool woul it be to have all those as posters? (answer: way way cool.)

sojourned in style said...

these posters are so alluringly charming. they look so vintage. and what can i say vintage always reels me in. the alice and wonderfuland poster is amazing. we all need to take a vacation to wonderland!

silvii tron said...

Old school posters are interesting. I love examining the typefaces, the illustration and the design that was used back then.
Even though we've evolved to minimalist modern looks, I've seen some designs that still like to borrow from decades past.

Mars said...

I'm craving Disneyland too! And I love those posters! That's so awesome your grandpa built the hippos. that should entitle you to free DL trips whenevs. Also, those darn cleaning fairies. I'm glad you fired them. TOtally unacceptable ;)