Thursday, March 31, 2011

bloggety blog meet up

little star struck here!
check it.

it was SO SO much fun!
thx to 1 2 3 ladies
I've been wanting to go to the
vintage shops in phx for foreva!
and I walked away with some killer
red boots from Butter Toast!
& peace.


Mars said...

no freaking way, I'm still bummed I missed out. You'll have to tell me where those shops are in phoenix, I know of a few but you can never know of too many stores. You look adorbs!

sojourned in style said...

looks like such a fun time. the picture with the held up A is just perfect! I'm obsessed with your brogues. you were looking very lovely

GoodFrameofMind said...

These pictures are so adorable. You have great style!

Cassandra said...

I'm so glad I got to meet you at the meetup! You are so nice and even more adorable in person. :) Love the photo of you with your flower crown!

P.S. How do you style your hair like that? It's so chic!

gee said...

oh i have always wanted to do a blogger meetup!!!
i am so jealous and happy for you are the same time. :)
looks like a wonderful time. i am in LOVE with that yellow vintage dress..drooling over it.

Katherine said...

All of your pictures turned out great as well! Lucky that you found something at Butter Toast, I can't believe I left the day without buying a single thing! Clearly I need to go back.

❤ Katherine

JenCoen said...

your photos are ADORABLE!!
great time!!

angela hardison said...

i wish i could have made it during the day! all the photos are making me a little jealous.

The Thomas' said...

this is adorable. love vintage shopping!

Ann said...

it looks like you had so much fun! and might i add that those are simply gorgeous pictures.

Jihee said...

Looks like a complete BLAST!! :D

I've always wanted to go to a meet up! You guys look like you had so so so much fun!

fanciful no.2 said...

wish we had known about this! we'll have to be sure to sign up for the next go around!