Monday, March 14, 2011

a decade of shweeetness

the theatre where i perform improv
jester'z improv comedy
celebrated its 10 year anniversary this last week
and day after day we partied it up
in grand celebration!

i'm so grateful to be a part of this
amazing, talented, and fun group of people
everyone is so kind and so supportive
and i have THE best time laughin it up with them!

here is a clip of me and castmate garrett
singin it up in bartender
(a game where the audience assigns me a problem
in this case 'fear of clowns'
and garrett has to help me solve my problem)
wif paul on da piano'z!

the past and present laughmakers:


MYW said...

So sad I couldn't be there! That looks awesome. <3 Miss you!

Katie*Belle said...

That is so cool that you do improv! I'm impressed by people like you who can share their talents with others in this way. Amazing!

Mars said...

I totally always hear you talk about this place and now I realized it's like an improv place I used to go to in Denver. I'll have to come see you sometime! You are so so talented!!

Jenna said...

You are stinking hilarious.

sojourned in style said...

improv! whoa. that was intensely funny, you guys are a humourous bunch!

Amy Hunter said...

I am so jealous of your life!! You have the best job ever. Oh, and the cutest shoes (bottom photo).

Amanda Kristeen said...

How fun!! :) Great job!