Wednesday, March 16, 2011


oh kay
i do have some personal postses
coming up shortly
but for now


Jenni said...

Hey girl!! Ca-uute blog! To answer your question: If you allow anonymous comments, then people who don't have Google accounts can still comment. That's what I like about that option. Although, you still rarely get anonymous comments, because I think the word "anonymous" scares people and they don't realize that they can just sign their name to the bottom of the comment.

If you choose to keep that option, just EXPECT to get some ugly comments. Many people can't resist the urge to be nasty if given the opportunity to do so with no consequences!

sojourned in style said...

just lovely. gotta love a blush pink. the headpiece is gorgeous.

Karla Quiz said...

Pink lovin. I'm loving..

laura said...

i love pale pink hair. I really wish i could have a job where i could just have funky colored have. but you already knew that :)