Saturday, March 5, 2011

its almost summer!

{shirt: da hubz' from h&m; skirt: isaac mizrahi for target; shoes: betsey johnson}

i have mixed feelings about a fashion post
but here we are.
i'm not the trendiest person i know
but i like my style. its eclectic and evolving.
i wear what i want
and i feel like anyone can wear whatever they want as well.
i don't think any style is out of anyone's reach.
if you wear it with confidence
people will not doubt that you can "pull it off."
life is short friends and it goes by quickly
and 50 years from now, nobody will ever remember
if you wore something they thought was weird in 2011
so wear what you want!
and who cares where its from or how much it cost!
good is good.
regardless of brand and price value.
so be over dressed!
participate in an offbeat trend!
try something out of your comfort zone!
you have nothing to lose.

my mom discovered this little coincidence.
somethings never change :)


Collections said...

haha love the comparison photo its adorable. I'm really loving your button down, I'm obsessed with all my button downs!!

Jenna said...

I love your philosophy about fashion. Amen, sistah-friend.

JoLyn Stevens said...

Hi second cousin... I just had to tell you that one of my favorite fashionistas is your Grandma. (My Aunt Merilyn!) She always looks classy, sassy, bold, and fun! I think the creativity gene runs think in the Luke family... and you are evidence of that! What a fun blog you have!

Riumni | Rainbows Scapes♥ said...

What a great outfit! I love ur plaid shirt. I'm obsessed with plaid thingys. Your footwears are also nice.
Is that the little you? ;)


Mars said...

hahaha that comparison picture is THE BEST! freaking adorbs! And um hi love your outfit and your HAIR! I'm totally all for "wear whatever you want because YOU think its cute regardless of where it's from, how much it costs, if someone else likes it or not etc. I wear what I want and think something is cute if I want. I suggest more people do the same :) You are the cutest!

Lola said...

i love the last picture! adorable x

mary elizabeth said...

i love this look! and i wish i could get my hair to look like that!

great philosophy -- i totally agree, too!

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

adorable outfit! the hair -do is so awesome and unique!! you were such a little cutie patootie when u were a kid. thanks for commenting on my blog!

<3 steffy

laura said...

my dear, you are amazingly stylin! you should do more of these fashion posts more often! :)

Jihee said...

Aww LOVE your outfit! Can I please steal your shoes!? haha. Love the picture of you when you were little!

Kara said...

Um, that outfit is PERFECT. I love it so much! Wearing the boy's clothes = perfection. How did you do that hairdo?!

sojourned in style said...

this is wonderful. love the retro feel to it. I agree with your whole hearedly and 100% wear what you want now! if only could gussy up more gumption sometimes

Katie*Belle said...

I love your shoes -- and your attitude toward fashion! I think everyone looks their best when they look like themselves.

Leah said...

Love this outfit, especially the hair!

xo L.

Erica said...

Those shoes make me smile. :)

North Meets South

GoodFrameofMind said...

So cute and still sassy! I love that shirt with the full skirt.

Cute blog, first time stopping by!

Emma said...

i love your hair, so so cute.

Martine said...

You have to be the cutest person ever! I absolutly love your style!

Martine :)