Thursday, March 17, 2011

opinions wanted in exchange for eye candy

so many good and bad feelings associated with this word.
on one hand, it describes awesomeness, like above.
imagination, creativity, and all that jazz.
on another, its just sounds lame. and nerdy.
and makes me sad that a lot of people choose it so frequently over reality.
but on yet another hand,
who doesn't need an escape from reality every now and then?
like my obsession with disneyland for instance!
so...what do you think?
fantasy: good, bad, or ...ugly...?

{all images from weheartit}


kate said...

i automatically think of the words "sexual fantasy" i guess that makes me a pervert. dang it.

sojourned in style said...

fantasy is definetely goood. fantasy is a repreive from the over-rated reality, its nice to indulge once and while. that bike with lights, a wonderful fantasy

Jenna said...

I tend to think of those wackadoos who get sucked into World of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons. I prefer "surreal."

Mars said...

I guess I'm a perv too because the word fantasy usually makes me think of sexual fantasy haha. Actually I guess it makes me think of DLand I guess 2 extremes haha! ANYWAY, I looove those umbrellas with the lights.!

christine donee said...

I am obsessed with that last picture! And yes, fantasy, is amazing. And totally necessary for life.


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

okay first, those images are incredz and i love everyone totala!

then i kinda like the word fantasy, for me it's more about the intention behind it and who's saying it for what purpose. for instance here, totally appropriate and is like a dream world i'd most def wanna visit. then there's the kind where someone might say "you live in fantasy-land" or "get real, that's such a fantasy, it'll never happen".

that makes me feel negative energy, b/c you're right we do all need and deserve to sometimes go THERE. it's healthy and i think most realize that it is what it is and reality takes precedence. thought-provoking post lades, i like it! happy weekend to you. ♥

pea ess: thanks for visiting me too!

mandyface said...

Good points ladies!
kate & mars: i'm right there with you. but whether THAT's good or bad...i don't want to know lol

sojourned, christine, and lynn : ever since i became an adult...not too many years ago lol, i have come to realize that injecting a bit of fantasy into life every now and then is vital.

jenna: that's exactly why i'm turned off by the word, bc of people who get sucked into games or whatever 500 other things and don't live life!