Saturday, May 7, 2011

keen on things

I got a lot of work done today
which means I found a lot
of amazing things on the web.
I can't work without frequent breaks.
Or snacks.
Or pandora.
Work is a production.

Here are some things I've liked around web town:

stunning photos from Mindy Gledhill's trip to Kenya:

Beautiful frocks from Fancy Fine:

A magical levitating tutorial from Salad of my Life:

A look book that's all lady from RAOUL:

A dashing photo from Pinterest:

A recipe I'm dying to try from Joy the Baker:

And lastly:
A link to a post that's all earth and jewelrey and lovely.
(holla to a lot of AZ pics!)
(that's right, holla I say.)

this crazyawesome video from Closet Case Vintage
that I muted and played with Owl City's Air Traffic:

Yeaaaaah baby.
Remember this post??
I am so ready for swimming.
Good thing AZ is too.
But I'm probs going to look totes wack
getting in all fluttery like
and dog paddling elegantly.


denise* paper angels said...

hey hun i love your blog!! those dresses really look gorgeous... i really do love it here, you're so laidback and generally awesome haha :) love it.

sojourned in style said...

the dresses are vintage gorgeouness. the kenyan kids just warm my heart. the levitaiting is insane!

Amanda said...

Love that vintage shot!! Adorable!