Thursday, July 14, 2011

Voldy got P'WND!

Harry Potter Week Continues!
I'm enjoying all the fanmade fun around internet town
and remembering some of my favorite quotes:

And pretty soon I'll be watchin some o'this:

{click pics for cred}

ps- I'm trying to theme as many outfits this week as possible. YOU'RE a nerd!!


Brissa said...

that dolla dolla bill is cracking me up. and i love your outfit. i wish i had a closet full of hp clothes.
aaaaand i'm not sure how you missed that i don't live in arizona. but i'm glad you thought i did because, let's be honest, arizona is LOADS cooler than utah.

Jenna said...

Your outfit SLAYS! Love it.

b. said...

i have to add to the comments above...your outfit is awesome! love the red skirt :) also love the top two images, i wouldn't mind having those as posters in my house!


kylee said...

i wish i could somehow find myself in your closet right now just so i could borrow a hp shirt. i hate that i'm going to the movie tonight without one.

sojourned in style said...

you integrate the theme seamlessly into your outfit, I like it! these quotes are too funny! the abraham lincoln one and R.I.T.G.L.O.L acronym are too goood!

Diana said...

Oh my goodness, your shirt is adorable. Also, I gotta add these posters to Pinterest.