Friday, July 1, 2011


I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance.
Love it.
If you don't watch it, just do.
Cut out whatever else you have to to make time
like school or family.

This guest performance by Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian is insane.

And just let it be known that
are muhhhh faaaaaave.
Hands down.

Don't be surprised if I dedicate more posts solely to sytycd.


Jenna said...

marko and melanie are my faves, too!

Janet said...
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Andrea said...

BAAAHAHAHAAA I just put a comment on here, but I was signed in as my mom. It was funny, trust me. But anyway, back to bizniz. SERIOUSLY! lovthemohsostankinmuch! SYTYCD party puhleese!!!

Harley said...

totally obsessed with this show too! Dedicate the posts. They totally deserve it.

Amanda said...

Ditto with above. ;) Absolute beautifulness! Such fabulous dancers this season!! :)

Elise said...

I gasped repeatedly during that routine. It was AMAZING!! I feel superior in that I have loved Melanie from the beginning while my dear husband has not. Yay M&M!

kylee said...

melanie was my favorite from the very moment i saw her try out. crossing my fingers that she takes the win.