Friday, October 28, 2011

Breath Check

My adorable twin cousins shot their first commercial!
Check it:

It seems like just yesterday they were destroying my college apartment.
From creatures to charmers.
Well played, ladies. Well played.

>Anya?? Really guys?! Victor. Fuh realz now. C'mon.<

pps- Find me at Pics-O-Andrea today,
Ima ghost bloggin!


Ciara said...

GOSH they are cute!!!!!

Gentri said...

I am totally convinced. I NEED one now! They are too cute!

Page Traveler said...

Hahaha, I want one!

Megs said...

so so cute!!

Jessi said...

I kinda wanted Anya to win! She was so nice and supportive of everyone :) Victor I liked all the way till the end - I didn't love his collection

Brissa said...

the commercials make me paranoid. i always think my breath is smelly.

also, i hate those gorgeous blondes for already being more famous than me.