Monday, November 7, 2011

feeling blue

My family and I went to see the Blue Man Group last week
and it was, as they say, righteous.

Here's muh familia/amigos given our gangsta sign 'corndog'

There was a lot more comedy in the show
and a little less music than I expected.
I think I'd have like it reversed.
Or maybe I should've just hired this guy:

 But frealz it was tons o'fun.

Ally and I got lost on the way back to her car and ran into a blue man!

 Also, I wore my new spider web tights bc I didn't wear them before Halloween
but figured if I wore them the week of I'd be safe.

I'm pretty bummed to have to shelve them for another year.

ps- I want this shirt!


Amy said...

I went to Blue Man group in London and it was SO fun! awesome.

Andrea said...

Bahahaa! That shirt is amazing!!! and your hair scarf is so pwetty ...and so are you! What a fun night!

Mars said...

awesome! And PS I WANT THAT YELLOW CARDI!! SOOO CUTE! Loving the spider web tights too!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

Looks so good!
hihi love blue mens

New outfit post:

Claire said...

loving the spider tights. those are sooo cool, even when it's not halloween time!!!

i saw blue man group, it was a long time ago and i can't remember all that much except rolls of paper going through the audience and glow and the dark paint being splashed around with drums :)

i LOVED Arrested Development so much!!!