Thursday, November 3, 2011

Frightening Food

Here are some pics of the spooky sustenance
we served at my Halloween party, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah:


Brissa said...

cauliflower brains?
totally creeped me out.
bravo on your party.
sometimes i stalk your fb images and imagine myself there.

Gentri said...

Wow! Way to go! This looks awesome. :)

Lei said...

Awesome spooky noms! I love the witchy hats and the cookies! :)

Um yeah the things in the jar of red liquid creeped me out too. :P

Jenna said...

You had me until the fingers.

However, the 7-layer dip looks divine! So sad I missed your party.

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

i made sure to try one of everything it was all sooo yummy, exept the soda of course. :)

i think my favs were the oreo critter things. yummy.

two birds said...

seriously, that is the best halloween spread i have ever seen! i love the fingers and the witch hats! how fun and creative!

Mars said...

What the heck? Cutest party food ever! What are the fingers?? Cookies with almond nails??

mandyface said...


Shara said...

ahhh great well done want to try all:)kisses
La Folie 

Wynne Prasetyo said...

amazing! the one that looks like fingers creep me out a bit though, but i love the idea! that's what halloween is all about, right :)