Wednesday, December 14, 2011

App Love

Let's talk fave apps!
We all know and love the apps like
fb, twitter, instagram, gmail, pinterest, ect...
but what are the good for nothing but awesomeness apps?!

Well, my top 6 apps are:

1. Houzz: interior/exterior designy goodness.
Here are some faves from my ideabook:

2. Typewriter: vintage fun.
Of course, this was the first thing I typed:

3. Red Stamp: merry maker.
A gift for my family's inbox:

4. Songify: crazy fun.
My family made this for our lovely little cousins:

5. Pocketbooth: old school awesomeness:
Because any excuse not to go to the mall is a good one:

6. 8mm: documenting extraordinaire.
My adorable cousin dishes on Harry Potter:

{When I uploaded, the sound got a lil off, so sorry chaps!}

So, what are some of YOUR faves??


Connie said...

I love instagram! But I've been lame downloading apps so this was helpful to me. Love these (:

Alyssa said...

That song is slightly terrifying. However, I'm almost certainly going to download songify and force my family to make a tune pretty darn near similar to that one.

he calls me wifey said...

these are some pretty awesome apps girly.
i really love phoster. you should check it out!

Amy said...

I need an iphone.

Page Traveler said...

Ditto, Ames... ditto...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including us! That Mr Clause is pretty darn handsome. ;)

Mars said...

Awesome. I need an iphone STAT! You're gonna be my go-to girl for all the cool apps and must haves.