Friday, December 9, 2011

Crafteria 2011!

Since last year was so mucho fun
the girls and I hit up Crafteria again this year!

Thanks for playing girls!

Me saying goodbye to all the loveliness
I left behind due to extreme will power.
yes that is a drink in a brown paper bag.


Amy said...

Ah, I wish i could have gone. Those shoes were smashing.

kylee said...

that bike. oh my goodness i want to own that bike.

Andrea said...

Oh my freeeeak! I want to go to there

Katie said...

this place looks amazing! it reminds me of renegade handmade in LA.
ps I love your new layout!

Marianne M. said...

Hey, i found your blog just by luck and i am glad that i found it now, damn you are hilarious, you are so funny and sweet, the "this blog will never give you up,let you down, run around or desert you" cracked me up and was basically the reason i followed, cause well its all kinds of awesome. lol
so bare with me cause this comment will be looooooong.
so basically i checked out many of your posts and i am off to comment so i won't say too much now.
the event you attended, seems soo cool i love those kind of events, since you always see something new and learn something new, i am jealous of you lol....
the pink bike? adorable!!!!
so ok i will shut up now...i am
so to end this comment and comment on the next post...
i wondered if you could check out my blog
its brand new so its still not to its full potential and i basically have no one following me (i hope i will) :( but i would like you to check it out and tell me what you think :D
kisses girl,

Marianne M. said...

By the way is this shiny material on your top? yeah yeah you definetely need to check out my blog its all kinds of shiny...

Mars said...

What the freak. Remind me next year to go to this. Looks full of amazingness!! I'm still DYING over the cuteness of your freaking Anthro coat!!