Sunday, December 25, 2011

Moooooozik Veeeedeo

I now present
my 3rd annual
family music video:

Here's last years:

And the year before:


Andrea said...

GLORIOUS!!!! That turned out so amazing! Your old rockstar uncle and bathtub aunt and uncle are still my favs ...and your grandparents ...and basically everyone. Love it.

taryn and taylor said...

haha so funny! ps - love your new blog!

Kendra said...

Love this! My family and I do music videos too. It never gets old and always produces millions of laughs and memories. Love it!

Alyssa said...


So I just now took the (totally worth it) time to watch these videos and I'm expecting my formal invite into your family within the week.

typeStyles said...

I love your family!!!