Monday, December 12, 2011

SG & R Overload!

So, I'm in need of some happiness and it arrived in the form of this

which lead to this

which lead to this

and then there was this

and this

and I like what was said here and when they went here.

What now??!?


Page Traveler said...

I watched all of them. That was AWESOME. I'm a little worried at the exposure the girls are getting at such a young age, but as long as their parents are careful they'll be alright and only benefit and learn from all these experiences. I lived when Niki told them to STAY IN SCHOOL! What an awesome role-model for them... I hope they live happily ever after :-)

kylee said...

is it just me or is the little miss way better than nicki minaj when it comes to singing that song? she killlls it. i totally want to be a child star like her. red carpet access? yes please.

Gloria said...

They are too freakin' cute - the red carpet interviews had me giggling!

he calls me wifey said...

i watched all of them!!
i had never even heard of these girls!
at first i was like, "uh oh, i don't know about this", but i kept watching and boy am i glad i did!!