Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pride & Hipstamatic

I now present
some of my favorite moments from
Pride & Prejudice
as told through Hipstamatic:

And yes,
this is what I do
when I have a tummy ache.


Jenna said...

I adore the Keira Knightley version. Some people think it's sacrilege. I loved it.

communikate. said...

I love this version too. I honestly don't think of them as even comparable. The B&B one is in a whole different realm of awesomeness, but this one.. man it's good.

And I too watch it every time I sick (mostly because my husband HATES it and puts his foot down on watching it.)

Get well!

Amy said...

Mr. Bingley: "Miss Bennett."
Mr. Darcey: "Mr. Bingle."

Ha ha ha! I love that part too.

Elisha(: said...


im your newest follower.. follow me back?? (: