Friday, February 3, 2012


This weekend is lookin like a good un!
My sister is competing in the Miss America pageant! (or Jr. Miss...whatevs)
And that's about all that's planned.

Does anybody else feel that way?
That now that I'm an adult a great weekend isn't defined as
having something killer awesome to do
like parties or an event or whatever
but rather having time to be by myself
or with my husband, in our home
relaxing with a book or getting caught up on 30 Rock.

I certainly love going to events,
but I crave home time.

So my wish for all of us is to be able to enjoy
our families this weekend in the comfort of our homes!
How blessed we are if we even have those things.


Sarah Brue said...

Have a good weekend!!! Love the picture :)

Brissa said...

yeah. homebody = me too.
it's kind of the best.

Mars said...

I'm a homebody too. Although, I can't be too much until I'm married haha. I don't want to be an 80 year old single cat lady homebody. Hope you were able to relax the rest of your weekend!