Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day One

Mr. Fox & I,
recently been inspired by
have decided to embark upon a 10 day juice fast.
We have a juicer and are having fun
juicing lot's of veggies & some fruit
to make delicious meals!

{we drink more than the cup shown here}

We're interested in seeing the effects
on our bodies as we consume more
vitamins & nutrients.
I'll be keeping a personal log of the journey
& will probably update my progress here every now & then.

In the meantime,
nobody eat this:

or this:

or this:

around me or I will destroy you.


Audree_buttercup said...

I watched fat sick & nearly dead and was completely amazed by the results. Go you for being amazing!
I wish I had the ability to do it. Good luck!

{Morgan} said...

Oh how exciting! I loved my juice fast and want to do another longer one 30-day or something like that.

Advice: be very very very careful about what you eat after. As tempting as it may be, don't binge or eat sweets, candy, etc. The weight loss and results will come straight back. That happened to me. Lame.If I would have maintained a normal healthy diet, I would have remained healthy, happy and at that weight.

Jenna said...

Good luck! Just don't forget to add back in the good fats and proteins once you're done with your detox, or you'll become a skeleton like I did!

Brissa said...

wooooow. that's crazy! good luck!!

Cait Emma said...

haha it all looks so gooooood though! good luck love!

Mars said...

oooh I'm interested to hear how this goes. I've heard a lot of people are doing this right now. I might have to try it out. Guess you, Andrea and I will have to hold off on an ice cream date until you're done drinking healthy juice 'n stuff :)

Kara said...

So so so brave of you! I have not the strength!! I'll be cheering you on :)

Chelseabird said...

Good luck with your juice fast! I hope it's going amazing! XO