Thursday, March 29, 2012


Who's seen HUNGER GAMES?!

Did you love it?
Of course you did.

& these are some of my favorites:

I'm ready to see it again.


steph said...

hahahahahaha! the SNL one is my favorite. & maybe seinfeld.

Brissa said...

homegirl from the cw. that's me during rue's death.

Andrea said...

Let's go. Right now. I'll bring the candy (stashed in my huge purse)

The Burtons said...

Love it!

Michael Yichao said...

Ooo, site redesign! It's been a while since I've blog-stalked yah! <3

Miss you lots~

Jenna said...

ANTM. Fo sho. Cried my eyes out.

Darci Cole said...

Bah! Still haven't seen it yet, we're so flippin busy this month! But I WILL! Hopefully before April is over... *weeps*

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

before- i was surpise lady for sure! hahaha

during- i was a mix of jake gyllenhall, kristen wigg fan girl crying, and surprise cat. it was all over the place. haha.

after- carlton, happy alligator, and peter all mixed into one.

i will be seeing it again very soon.

kylee said...

the asian kids kill me. KILLLLL ME! and so does seinfeld - beause well favorite show everrr! i think i need to see the movie again asap so i can [hopefully] join the rest of the world in loving it.

Jess said...

this is awesome! haha... SO great! Probably exactly what I looked like at different points throughout the film.

Lisa Maria said...

YES! Those gifs are awesome - especially the Seinfeld one. Is it too soon to go see it again?

Jessi said...

I thought it was really good!
(and the Kristen Wigg reaction is my fav!)