Thursday, March 15, 2012

Juicing Flush

So today marks the last day of completely juice fasting.
Tomorrow Mr. Fox & I will start eating vegetables
& on Saturday we will slowly reintroduce some other foods.

We hope to continue juicing for at least one meal a day
& have decided to do weekend juice fasts once a month.
Since after a juice fast its necessary to ease your body
back into other foods we figure that after a while we
will be in danger of slipping into old habits, making
too many exceptions and indulging in unnecessary "treats."
However if we constantly reset each month with a juice fast
we think it will help us to keep on track, making healthier choices longer.

I've also decided that the term "juice fast"
(which I've already used several times)
is rather inappropriate to what we're actually doing.
When I told people I was doing a "juice fast"
they thought I meant just drinking any random juice from the store.
They would look at me with raised eyebrows & ask "is that healthy?!"
Each time I explained that we are juicing fruits & vegetables for all our meals.
We're consuming plenty of calories & are eating much healthier than most people
& certainly healthier than what we ourselves would be eating typically.

Then they would ask, "why don't you just eat the fruits & vegetables?"
A fair question, because that is the healthiest choice,
but a flush is great for your system periodically.
Our digestive systems were able to rest and reset,
toxins were purged from unhealthier foods, cravings for sugar decreased
and the amount of fruits & vegetables we were able to consume a day
was way more than if we were trying to chomp it all down.

Which brings me to the next question I was asked frequently,
if I was starving all the time.
You should never be hungry doing this.
Juicing is not a 3 meal a day dealio.
We made plenty to take with us and sip throughout the day
(of course, its always best to drink it right after juicing so you don't necessarily want
to store it overnight, but who has time to juice every couple hours? Not me.)
and then made more when we got home and later at night.
Its simple: if you're hungry, make more.

 So you see?
Its not juice from a store that you barely drink to fast and be hungry.
Its juicing fruits & vegetables to flush out your system.

I've also been asked about recipes
& honestly we never followed one.
We just threw in lot's of vegetables
& added a couple fruits to sweeten it.
It nearly always turned out great.
Its fun mixing lot's of different things
or keeping it simple with 2 or 3 ingredients.

Some ingredients we use frequently:
Bell Pepper
Sweet Potato

We went to a farmer's market were we got a great deal on citrus
& the best place for the rest was Sam's Club/Costco.
You will go through ingredients quicker than you think so bulk is best.
A couple of things we had to get used to were
the time it takes to prepare the foods and to actually juice.
We have it down pretty well now but it does take a little longer
than we're used to in the mornings since we were making enough
to last us throughout our days til we were home from work & school.
The clean up also takes some time as all the parts should be cleaned immediately.
But we laid out a towel for them to air dry
& there were never any other dishes to do, so its not too bad.

I so recommend doing a juice flush to all of you.
Talk to your doctor first if you have health issues
but honestly, a 3 day, 7 day, or 10 day flush is not as hard as you think.
I feel less tired & lost 7lbs by day 6.
Believe me, if I can do it
you can do it!

ps- we have a Samson masticating juicer! Its great!


Amy said...

I want to try this! Someday. After I have the baby.

Fabulously Average said...

I've considered juicing a lot. I've made my own before and it was delicious. But I add a little mango nector to hide the early smell of kale or brocolli. Congrats on finishing. I think you've convinced me:)


communikate. said...

You go girl. ;)

Christi Lynn said...

me and my boy were thinking of trying this! thanks for the post. keep us updated on how your doing with it k? I would love that!

Emmy Kim said...

SOLD! I am curious how expensive this was? You mentioned buying in bulk, which totally seems like the smart thing to do, but was it still spendy?
Also, were you craving protein? I am a vegetarian and often crave protein so I eat a lot of quinoa to make up for it.
I love hearing about your juicing! It inspires me to get mine out of the closet!

Lisa Maria said...

I have done one of those before! And it was really hard. You go, girl!

Ryan Adair said...

We want a juicer so bad!

Kara said...

So inspiring! I just watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and it was definitely eye-opening about the health benefits of juicing. Really, I just kept thinking to myself, "dang, that is a lot of veggies."

Mars said...

I want to do this bad! The time and prep and all that jazz just intimidates me...I might try it before my cruise. We shall see!