Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clouds Sky Oh My!

Hello friends! I must tell you of an addiction of mine I've acknowledged recently. Its taking pictures of the sky. I'm constantly in awe of the sky, its vastness and ever changing view. And I just happen to live in a state with perpetually amazing sunsets and storm so there's no shortage of beautiful skies in my week. I step outside and can't curb the immediate instinct to pull out out my iphone and snap snap snap. I enhance the sky pictures with editing only because the photo I take can't capture the beauty before me to begin with.

Others around me have got to be getting annoyed. Namely my husband, mom & friends. I often throw my arm across a driver because their view is better. I have to roll down windows for long amounts of time when its scorching outside. I get out of my car to meet up with someone but end up late because I spend 10 minutes outside trying to get the perfect picture. My phone, already packed to the brim with pictures, is in a constant state of meltdown every time I add 50 more of the same sky scene.

Do any of you have picture addictions? Pets, babies, food, feet, ect? 


ginger said...

feet. jonah's feet. my feet. my husbands feet. mostly shoes, and jonah's little toes to be exact.

but it's my least favorite kind of photogs to look at. ironic? oxymoron? whatever it is, i like you addicting to the sky waaay better!

Mars said...

I LOVE sky pictures too. You catch some great shots!! Keep 'em coming!

Cait Emma said...

mmm love your pictures - i've been taking so so many of my kitty and of food i make my boyfriend ha

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I LOVE taking cloud pictures. Clouds are my favorite creation. Every time, EVERY, I see interesting clouds I always point it out. There is nothing better than a beautiful sky...last night even...there were some cool clouds that had some awesome sun rays projecting out of them...magnificent.

You should keep a folder or something with all your sky pictures and then make something like this for your wall...the one with multiple pictures.

Tyler Feder said...

Thanks for the super-sweet comment! Totally made my day. :)

P.S. I'm loving your blog. I just watched all your workout Wednesday videos and was thrilled to see THE PERFECT CHEER! Finally someone who gets me!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

I'm exactly the same! I could stare at the sky all day...especially clouds. :)