Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ask Amy [Poehler!]

LOVE that I came across these Ask Amy videos!
Amy Poehler is an idol of mine,
being a female comedian,
and I think it rocks that she's reaching out
to teen girls and offering them some of her
level headed/awesome advice.
Plus there's some good reminders for us adults too.
Yack. Us adults?!

PLUS she has another episode where she comfortably
keeps her hand down the front of her blouse
while she's talkin and chillin
and I do that ALL THE TIME.
I know its weird but it just ends up there.
Try it.


Kristal B. said...

I love her too! So well put.

Kai Mercado said...

is it weird that this video made me want to cry? She is so smart and well spoken!

Jenna said...

This adult needed that video. Big time.

Jenny B said...

I love what she said about what you would say to your daughter.

I just love her and her show so much.