Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bribery of the Best Kind

So I've been working out more. Like 5 times. Crazy. I'm hoping it lasts and I'm thinking of bribing myself with gifts to reach my goals. Do you do this? What keeps you motivated? Is it just your health or do you need something more tangible like myself?

Bow {} Instax {uo} Flats {lebunnybleu}


Mars said...

Dang you go girl! 5 times, that's awesome! I need that bow, and those flat, and that camera...ok so all of it! So cute! I put pics of girls with bangin bods on my bathroom mirror to motivate me. Tangible objects doesn't motivate me as much bc I know I can just buy it anyway. Seeing your body change and the way clothes fit is a great motivator. Hopefully just wanting to look good doesn't make me a vain person :/

communikate. said...

Ooh.. nice! Is it terrible if I motivate myself by saying I can get a treat if I work out?

p.s. I've got my insta mini up for sale if you're interested. much cheaper than UO (everything works great, just downsizing some things!) :)

Adrian said...

Self bribery??!! Why haven't I thought of this?? I try to work out 3 times/week, but if I could bribe myself with little gifts, I'd totally work out more! hahahaha that is some seriously good motivation.

Jenna said...

I exercise with a friend. It's the only way. We keep each other accountable in a never-ending cycle of friendship. Gifts will only taunt you or make you broke. True story.

Maria said...

Instamax cameras are awesome. Treat yourself to one and think of the nice investment it'll make :)

Once the humidity dies down then I'll be jogging in the park again.