Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some of Summer

Its been one crazy summer. Ryan's classes were all day everyday. I spent a lot of time at my parent's watching Friends and editing pictures. When I did see Ryan, we went on many a Bahama Bucks date, played Nertz with my siblings and watched Community. I'm glad we're into fall semester where the timing of his classes is a little more doable. It has definitely been a stressful summer and I am looking forward to more time with Ryan, more time working out and more accomplishing of goals.

How has your summer been?


siddathornton said...

i bet you're greeting fall time with open arms after having a crazy summer! justin & i have been long-distance for almost the entire summer, & i can't wait until we get married next month & will be together again! here's to fall :)

Maria said...

I only know too well about being separated by the miles - first time was around the beginning of David and me, he in Melbourne, Australia and me in Japan. Second was while he was in Canada for bit. Thank goodness for skype (still no substitute!).

I'm looking forward to the autumn too - I'm impressed that I've dealt with the humidity for this long.