Friday, November 16, 2012

Rich in happiness, poorly formatted


I'm just all over the freaking place. 

I visited seester at college:

I hung out in creepy alleys with cute boys:  

I indulged:

I took silly pictures with cool kids:

I wore some sass while looking at an...donkey:

 I sailed away with my love:

I loved a lot of clouds:

I made poorly crafted onsies for adorable babies:

I partied with my lovely Typelings:

 I celebrated tights weather:

I reconnected with wonderful people:


I dressed up like...something....for Halloween:

 I  proudly voted:

I marveled at the beauty of the Earth:

  I ate a lot of ice cream:


I fell in love with Fall all over again (&!):

I slept, but not enough:


 I filmed some fantastic Christmas sketches with fantastic people (to be released in Dec):

I flew...a lot:


I was a secret agent (& didn't properly crop my pictures):

 I got in the Christmas spirit:

 I loved even more clouds:

 I said peace out to sluggish summer and hello to a busy winter:


brooke: said...

I love your blog! I had no idea it existed, but I'm so stoked on it now. You're so cute! I look forward to sharing future adventures with you via blogger :)

Jenna said...

SO ... two things:

your patterned tights
your victory rolls


Hanny said...

Cute post overall!!!


Just, Simply, Hanny

Carly said...

Love the post! We included it in our weekly Web Round Up here -

Awesome. Thanks!