Friday, May 24, 2013

Put a POM on it!

If you follow me anywhere, you know my sister is leaving on her mission soon.
I'm pretty tore up about it. Calli is one courageous, feisty, crazy fun lady!
I know she's going to be a big hit in Sin City & I can't wait to hear all about her adventures!
I can't really express my love for her in words, so I made her a cake.
From scratch.
With poms.
So I think that says it all.

I used cereal for the poms.
Cake Recipe from here.
Frosting recipe from here.

ps- I'm pretty obsessed with poms right now, so I talk about them a lot...
but its been brought to my attention that pom looks like porn...
which is why I used uppercase for my post title...
cool story, bro.

pps- Trader Joe's sells macaroons now. They're so on point.


Katrina said...


Jenna Foote said...

They so are on point! I like the white ones better than the brown ones. These be technical terms.