Monday, January 13, 2014

Real Talk // Girl Talk

 Real Talk:

Anyone else out there have a lot of guilt induced anxiety?
Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of stress induced anxiety too,
but lately the guilt factor has been totally knocking me down.

Here's how it usually plays out:
It usually starts with a little anxiety (usually social or stress) that keeps me from going somewhere or doing something on time which makes me feel extremely guilty. I feel foolish for for letting something so small affect me so much. So then I feel the guilt induced anxiety. If I go, I will be late, which I hate, if I don't go, I'll let people down, and/or myself down. So then I usually get a lot of stomach pain which hinders me from going and doing which increases the guilt yada yada yada.

Doesn't it sound delicious?

My parents rarely had to punish me growing up because I put myself through such extreme guilt.
My mother has always been good at helping to ease that guilt, but I really want to figure out some ways to break down the anxiety on my own.

If you are going through this or have gone though this I appreciate suggestions!
If you haven't, please don't suggest...just like...not feeling this way.
Believe me, if I could just not feel anxiety, I would. It's not a choice. I was born this way.

NOW then!

Girl Talk:

I was totally jazzed about Seth Aaron's
finale runway looks on PRAllStars.

I love a good suicide roll & the glasses made me so happy.
Plus the clothes were well tailored, simple but extremely chic and flattering.
I even loved the shoes! Everything! Head to toe!
Surprising because I wasn't into much else he did this season.

Shout out to Korto, too.
I thought a lot of her looks were beautiful
and I loved her styling.

All photos from MyLifetime

Did you watch? Who did you love?
I love Christopher. He's such a lamb.


Unknown said...

Whoa - those looks are awesome! My faves are the one with glasses, ikat dress and that deevine yellow number at the end. And although that white sheath is fab, it makes the model look fat, and as I always say, if the model looks fat, us regular people will look like whales.
Good luck with the anxiety thing...wish I had advice! I do have lots of guilt tho...that might be a mormon-woman thing.

Unknown said...

Doi...I meant the FIRST pic with glasses :)

Jenna Foote said...

Girl, I AM Anxiety Woman! What helps me is to mentally say, "You are going to now make a decision to do X (go out with friends, make a dreaded phone call, brave Costco on Saturday). Whatever you decide, you are going to accept this decision and move on from it. No what-ifs, no guilt, no regrets." It helps. I still sometimes feel guilty for doing/not doing things but I just remind myself I made the decision and I can be happy about it.

Krystal the Marriage and Family Advocate said...

I have totally been there, with the anxiety guilt specifically to being late. Mostly mine was with school my first few semesters of college and basically my whole life from kindergarten to high school too. It even started to creep into my work schedule. I realized the only way I could ease the anxiety of the guilt was to eliminate the cause of the guilt. I needed to make changes so I wouldn't be late anymore. I had to start planning ahead better. Honestly, I didn't know if I could overcome it or not, but there was just a time in my life where I couldn't take it anymore! I hated the anxiety and I hated the guilt and I hated the reputation I had due to it, especially the jokes and comments my peers and friends made. I no longer wanted to be the person who was always late. I felt I was better than that and was living beneath my greater potential. I had a greater desire to change than to remain the same. I prayed for help and felt heaven's help as I made my efforts to act and change. It took a lot of effort and time. I still am not perfect, but I have changed and don't have the guilt or anxiety of being late anymore. And for the times when I am running late, I have learned to just accept the blame and responsibility that I could have done better but I can't undo it this time. I can however do better next time.

Alicia Snow said...

You speak my language girl. Anxiety to the max with making any sort of decision.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

My parents never had to give me much rules for the same reason. I went to counseling and it helped me see triggers etc. I think talking a break to do nothing can he really helpful too. I often equate anxiety with being overly stimulated.