Wednesday, January 19, 2011

life changes

{click pics for cred}

I'm thinking about taking care of Vday this year,
I have lot's of shtuff I want to do!
As seen above, deck out our truck bed with comfiness,
serve tasty homemade pizza with adorb hearts and stuff,
and drive somewhere at night with a big wall to
play a movie on with our projector!

I would like to use this post to announce......
drumroll please....
I am going to start eating regularly at McDonalds!
Hear me out,
I buy bags of lettuce everytime I go to the store,
intending, of course, to eat a salad with every meal.
Well, turns out I am too lazy to do that
and the lettuce always (well at least most of it) goes to waste.
Welp, on a whim the other day, I went to good ol golden arches
to see if they had a cheap salad to go with some leftovers I had brought for smunchtime.
And wouldn't you know it,
they had a perfect sized salad for $1!
$1 kids!
It wasn't dinky either!
And bonus, their croutons taste like crap!
SO I won't end up eating those!
I NEVER thought I'd be a McDonald's customer
{besides their cones, come on, you know}
but there you have it.
Alright, peace out, a-town down.


Kristin said...

That looks ridiculously romantic! Maybe I'll take on V day this year too!

mary elizabeth said...

um, how cute is that pizza?!! i think heart shaped pepporoni is in my valentines future!

Mars said...

how cute! That would be so fun. I love that picture. And umm I'll have to check out that $1 salad! Dolla Dolla bill yo! And their cones are amaze...except when they don't have chocolate AND vanilla because I only like twist.

Claire said...

These made me smile today!