Friday, January 21, 2011

yay end of week!

{kate lines}

Ok, time for some good old fashioned gratitude!

mint condition jcrew at d.i.
the pride&prejudice movie to fill the brain with beauty
perfect weather
people i love spending time with on the weekends
my chef friend next door who calls me over at 10pm for apple pear tarts
getting inspired and crafty with another friend
a forgiving husband
really great new music
a beautiful new/old church building with tons of charm
new opportunities!

and now i'm off
to thrift
to bonfire
to hike
to shoot {pics}
to dance
to perform
to worship
and to eeeeeat!


kylee said...

apple pear tarts? goodness i wish i had a neighbor like that. have a lovely weekend!

mary elizabeth said...

lovely, lovely list! hope its a great weekend!

ola appletea said...

:) so cool

silvii tron said...

I've read too many blog posts with peeps talking about cake! That's it, I'm making a cake tomorrow.

Mars said...

all of that=recipe for a perfect weekend!

hila said...

you have a chef next door? the gods have smiled on you!

Kristin said...

Nothin' like a good bonfire...especially when there are marshmallows involved!

mandyface said...

yes, and marshmallows + double stuff oreos = best idea ever. hahaha aaaaand now i should only eat carrots for a week to make up for it ;)

Megan said...

thanks for commenting on my blog so that i could find yours.... love your gratitude list!!