Wednesday, February 23, 2011

one more time

{1 & 2}

we're more than halfway through the week
so celebrate!

{ps lindsey wixson's face here is.... not my taste.
but whatevs. she's makin way more off that face
than i'll ever make off mine}


Mars said...

ugh her face :/ I like the dress though haha! Maybe you and I should take up modeling. I mean, if she can do it...hello! haha

Mars said...

ugh I just realized that sounds like we have ugly faces too but we don't...I just mean if her weird face can model then pretty faces can model haha. Just thought I'd clear that up :)

mandyface said...

hahaha i totally get you mars!! man i love that dress...

laura said...

HAHAHA. ok I just laughed so hard at the comments.

I saw the title of your post and started jamming to Daft Punk. and then I saw her face. uhm. more like i saw her suction lips... that look like they're lined with tiny, pointy teeth.

mean? oh well. it's thursday.

mandyface said...

'oh well. its thursday.' laura, i love you! that is hilarious!!