Thursday, February 24, 2011


who get's the movie reference?! give it up for yourself, what what.

twas recently granted a stylish blog award from
thanks ladyfaces!!

so tag 7 divulge 7 right? right!

un. i LOVE pajayjays. i used to wear them to school. high school. apparently i wasn't too concerned with fitting in or being cool. i feel like i put on a pretty good runway show in my uggs stompin round the living room nowadays.

deux. i can't cook. and really 'can't' is turning into 'don't.' its like a bachelor pad over here. cereal and pasta.

trois. i'm pretty fake violent. there's something about pretending to punch someone that is so fulfilling, ya know? i guess i have the sense of humor of a 13 bully. knocking stuff out of people's hands, pushing things over, seeing someone fall = hilarious. i'm sorry, its ridic. i'm aware.

quatre. j'adore musical improv. you know, bursting out randomly into musical numbers and all that. and i get to do it every weekend at jesterz! live performances are exhilarating and something i've been a part of almost my whole life.

cinq. still with me? almost over, don't worry. this one's easy: i have two, completely different looking thumbs. one is short and fat and looks just like both of my dad's, the other is regular and looks like both of my mom's. good to know i wasn't born of a scandal.

six. i have a blue blanket that i carry around everywhere with me at home. linus style. oh lame. am i going to have friends after this??

sept. and finally this: nobody will/can/has ever beat me at Dr. Mario.

woof. that took a lot of energy. i totally understand if you scrolled down to this part immediately.
let's take a break for some awesomeness, eh?

alright, and now onto 7 blogs of every know what i mean:

ok, i think we all earned some ice cream tonight.
get to it.


Nonszalancka said...

amazing blog:) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

Andrea said...

i hope that movie reference was to Blank Check. If not, well, it just is. And now I wants to watch that 90s goodness

Mars said...

Girl you rock. Thanks! I hope you ate ice cream last night! Wait so what am I supposed to do? Pass it along to 7 more people? I'm not all up on this bloggy awards stuff yet :P

TrophyBoutique said...

Thanks, girl! You're the bestest. I love awards! But I am so far behind, on posting I don't know when I will get to it, but I will share some ice cream with you!

mandyface said...

Andrea- ding ding ding! you win extra awesomeness!
Mars- that's exactly right, spread the love!
Trophy- I know exactly what you

Flaunt It said...

Great blog! You have some really unique articles and that is fab!
Keep up the amazing work...I will come back again soon....and hopefully you will check out my blog..and comment and follow!!!!

silvii tron said...

Hey thanks!!!! I'll work on my seven over the weekend 'cos it's going to be special! I love the Arrested Development gif - I love that show!

kylee said...

thanks misssy! ps arrested development is great. so great.

sojourned in style said...

congrats on the award. i too can't cook to save my life, even mashed potatoes turn out bad when i make them.

Jihee said...

hehe "ladyfaces" love that haha. and "pa-jay-jays" I totally laughed out loud haha. Sometimes I wish I could burst out singing and dancing like in Glee. But for me while I'm riding the train home at night haha.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I cant cook either. sad face. but I still try and fail. LOL.

kate said...

oh my gosh that photo is the best thing of my life. oh gob.