Wednesday, March 2, 2011

road trip! excellent!

ok, who wants to go on a mini vaca with me
right now?

ok, let's go!
let's ride in style
in one of these:

and go to these fine places:

ahhh, i feel better. don't you?

{click pics for cred}


Andrea said...

What a lovely trip. Hey, when do you work at Jesterz? Cause Camaron and I totally want to come when you're there. duh.

Anonymous said...

nice. I come along :)

Mars said...

um hi, ME! I'm raising my hand higher than hers right now. Seriously I'm going to go to bed and dream about this now. Thanks :) Sweet dreams to meee!!

kylee said...

pick me! pick me! i promise to bake lots of good treats faithfully document the vaca with my camera.

Katie*Belle said...

Oh, I think I needed that! Thanks for this little getaway. I'd love to visit any of those places today.

Jenna said...

Let's go, chick.

And is that winnebago-thing for REAL?! I need it.

silvii tron said...

Okay, that first destination image you've got - the one in Edinburgh. I know a very nice Mexican restaurant on that street - inside the decor is just lovely and the food is to die for. There's also a couple of lovely vintage shops that sell the cutest clothes - I bought a 50's dress from there. The street winds down to a panoramic view of the New Town part of the city.

Collections said...

Love these pictures they're beautiful.

virr said...

really love this trip!! when the next?